Thursday, 5 November 2009

Scheduler, what to schedule?

I am thinking about the scheduler part of my NetworkMonitor. On of the things I want to do in the NetworkMonitor is to use a service layer. A service layer is a thin layer between the actual application (executable / user interface) and the domain. and it provide the supported scenarios. In case of Commands Query Seperation, it also provide the commands and their handlers.

Back to the scheduler part... I want to have a SchedulingService which provide all the possible operations for the scheduler. Since I want to use the YAGNI (You Aint Gonna Need It) approach. I only have two methods for this service:
  • Schedule something
  • Do something with the Scheduled things
As you can see this is really vague... What do I need to schedule? Do I schedule Events? Do I schedule Commands? (here commands are a domain specific thing) Do I schedule System.Action?

At this point I just don't know... I think it really depends on how generic this scheduler should be... Should I be able to schedule tasks that are not domain stuff as well? or do I choose to schedule only domain specific stuff.

The solution
Well, since I want to be YAGNI, I think I decide to schedule only domain specific tasks. When a task is scheduled and it is time to perform the task I will fire an event to let some other class know that it should be performed.
It is a good thing to think out loud... You get some solutions that way.

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